RAO tortures us after a long time!

23rd October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was RAO IIT class after a long Diwali vacation. I don’t even remember the last time I went to class. Today I went at 11:00 am and came by 4:30 pm. Pretty much whole day, but the good thing was that it was GNp sir’s lecture. Our one of the most favorite board teachers. He teaches physics. Both the lectures were of the same sir.

During the break we went in the RAO office to ask exam portion. While coming back I walked by Vaishnavi Bagade. She is among the hot girls in the college. She and only couple others are good looking in the college. She was also in my school but we never met. Probably she came when I left the school and went to Chennai.

Anyways after that lectures I came home and did not have lunch. I was so tired and not so excited about having lunch that I skipped it. After that I saw a movie ‘Bridesmaid‘. I knew MOM would ask me that what was I doing and she did. But I had decided what to tell her. I said I was doing my journals. Smart? I don’t know.

Tomorrow’s lecture is canceled so I will be home all day. So I am hoping to see another movie, but no expectations. Whenever I expect nothing goes according to plan.

Good Night Diary.


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