Live Freedom to its FULLEST!! : )

16th October, 2017

Dear Dairy,

Today was the last paper of Semester; Physics. And it was terrible. I believe I failed. I did not study nor did I write in the test. So I am afraid that I may fail.

Apart from this I went for shopping after the test. That was awesome. I bought 1 shirt and 1 T-shirt. Shirt was the choice of Sohum and T-shirt of Danish. I did not choose any coz I have a very bad taste. And I am happy that I let them shop for me. I loved the cloths. Even MOM liked them. DAD liked Shirt more than T-shirt. Danish bought a black Shirt which looks very good on him.  Sohum bought a ‘keypad mobile’ for him. He is planning to switch from touch-screen to keypad to reduce distraction.

Later I played Minecraft. Now a days I play only on servers. I played build Battles and then Sky Wars. I did not win but now at least I know the basics. I won some Build challenges also.
I am gonna  invite Ruben for Minecraft multi-player on my server. I don’t know if he will play. Let’s see tomorrow. I’ll ask him. Also I have to study coz I know where I stand in terms of knowledge. So I need to work hard to score in Boards.

Good Night Diary.


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