15th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

I have a test tomorrow and I am so not prepared. I know I tell this everyday but today is different. Tomorrow is my last test, Physics exam. My favorite subject. I also got time to study. I got the motivation. I just knew what to do exactly and also got time. But I blew everything up.

I played minecraft whole day. Maybe not whole day but certainly long time. I enjoyed it but. I played build battle on a server. And it was not like that day where I waited for 5 min for every round then the player would join and then after 10 more min the game would start. Today was quick, I was in the lobby in 1 min or 10 sec sometimes.  I also won today not 1 but many times. And I am proud of my builds. I think  I have my new favorite thing on servers.

Later I was doing time-pass on YouTube. messing around I came cross a video in which he mentioned a movie ‘Cinemania‘. So I went to search it. I did not find that movie but found ‘Movie 43‘. I even downloaded it now. Maybe I will see it tomorrow.

In the process of finding that stored new movie I located another movie I downloaded coupe days ago.  So now I have two new movies plus some other Bollywood movies to see.

Tomorrow I am going Diwali shopping with Sohum and Danish. Hopefully I will find some good cloths. Will tell you guys Tomorrow.

After this I will study for the test. I thought I will read only the summary of the chapters which is given on the end of it. So I am talking of only half page of information in opposition to around 20 pages full chapter. But now I need to write something in the test so this will help me. Something is better than nothing.

Good Night Diary.


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