She is very fond of getting LOST!

13th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my maths exam I should have studied little bit. But I wasted my time on minecraft and YouTube. So I am very least prepared. I do not know the sums or theorems or anything. I hope I do well in the test. Just I don’t wanna fail.

Later my MOM was not feeling good to cook the lunch so she asked Tanvi to go and buy it from outside. She went. After half an hour Tanvi still was out. My MOM was in tension again. I was too. I went out to search her. After I returned I found her home. Apparently she came home when I left and I maybe missed her and walked right past her. Who knows but she was there. This was second time she was almost lost and MOM was in stress.

Later I played minecraft and then had dinner. Now I will study (or will have to study) to pass the test. So bye and wish me luck.

Good Night Diary.




Also Today it happened to be; ‘Friday, the 13th’ (tittle of a horror film). 


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