Sohum’s Birthday Special! Had a BLAST!!

11th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

From yesterday, we were thinking about Sohum’s gift and we could not think of any. Like I was blank. Today morning I was just browsing the web and I came across a hoodie with YouTube printed on it. I showed this to Sohum and He loved it. So I am gonna buy that and give it to him as fast as possible. I don’t wanna delay it coz I will then forget it. So I will tell my DAD once he comes this weekend to pay the amount and get  me that hoodie.

After that we went for lunch with Sohum. It was completely unplanned. We happened to meet him during lunch time and his Mom forced us to come for lunch. So we went out for lunch and after that we planned to study. The first hotel we went was under renovation so we had to search or another one. But Sohum’s parents with us so they quickly suggested another and we went there. About studying together; it never works to plan. I don’t know why but we cannot study together. Its just complete opposite. But tomorrow we are gonna sit down to solve logarithmic problems, coz they are finding it very difficult. For that I practiced all the sums in the textbook related to it. If they ask a doubt which I know they will; I should be able to tell them. I think I am all set for them, let’s see.

So I was with Sohum whole day and I returned at about 5:00 pm. Almost half day wasted for Birthday. Even then I did not study. I was doing time pass. Was watching minecraft Videos. Now was planning to play minecraft but am very bored. I’ll decide after writing this Diary.

I am gonna upload using DAD’s airtel dongle. Which means I could set up a better server than my WiFi. So coz of the insane speed I might download something or update minecraft or something. Let’s see.

Good Night Diary.


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