Semester Not so GOOD!

6th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

My Semesters have started from day before yesterday, but  still I don’t think I am in the mood. I do have the pressure of family and friends to score good but I cannot study seriously. I watched ‘JUDWAA 2‘ today and then I planned to study. But I slept and now I am watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.  Now I am very sure of studying tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Because my DAD gave us a surprise. He was not going to come from Chennai this weekend. But now he came and we were very surprised. I am happy when he comes and also very scared to watch YouTube videos while he is around.  Coz he is always in my room or if not that; he will take my laptop. So I will be forced to study. So its kinda bad but mostly good.

That is one hell of a long paragraph. Also I am writing my Diary early today coz Tanvi will come and sleep in my room and I will not have a chance to write my Diary. Probably then I will go in the toilet to write my Diary. Anyways I will now continue with YouTube and from tomorrow I will study coz my today’s test was very bad. I really need to get serious.

And I realized I wrote this page very badly. I did not organize the paragraphs. I will look into it from next time.

Good Night Diary.


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