Killed the BUG completely!

4th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today also I took a day off of my lectures and was home probably doing  nothing. I woke up in the morning and played minecraft. I did it for about many hours. Maybe till afternoon. So maybe around 5 hours I know its too much but can’t help it. I went flowing with the game and did not realize that I was wasting so much time there.

Later I tried to play my survival world in creative by adding cheats. This messed up the game. I got all the diamonds but that took the whole survival mood off. So I stopped playing it for a while. On the contrary, I watched minecraft videos on YouTube. All this started getting in my head and I ended up uninstalling the game. That’s right my favorite game in no more in my PC.  I was so frustrated and did not want to play the game any time soon.

Apart from the game I pretty much did nothing. Now; after dinner I sat to study for tomorrow’s test. Tomorrow is English test. I was doing Grammar now and after that I have to do Writing Skills part. I have to complete all my studies, pack my bag for tomorrow coz I have my test early in the morning. So cannot pack in the morning. I also have to check for pens. I seem to not have any writing materials with me. So I will have to check for writing pad, pens, pencils, ruler, etc…… So I will leave early. Bye.

I was also finding all my code I wrote someday. Actually I made a calculator for android mobile and I can’t find the code for it. That’s all I did today.

Good Night Diary.


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