Squares are cooler than Circles

3rd October,2017

Dear Dairy,

If you guys notice; I am not going to college from last maybe 1 week or so coz I have JEE MAINS lectures on timetable. I skip JEE MAINS lectures coz I do not understand those.

Apart from all studies I must tell you I play a lot of minecraft. I should stop it, but I cannot. I play it or watch YouTube videos. They are good no doubt but they waste a lot of time of my studies. I have exams from day after tomorrow and I did not study today and yesterday. I think I should probably kill my PC.

Apart from that horrible decision coz all my important stuff are on my PC, I want to tell you; we are officially over. In the afternoon I was walking down and Gauri came from college I guess. I smiled at her and in return she just did meh. I mean ***** . I am greeting you with a smile and she is not bothered. From that point I decided to let her go her way and I will go my way. Don’t need her. Its OVER.

Good Night Diary.



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