Love Triangle!

2nd October, 2017

Dear Dairy,

Today was Gandhi Jayanti Holiday. So I played Minecraft whole day. I also logged-in in a server but I didn’t know what to do there. So I left it there. Also I watched GOT and some videos on YouTube. But the main thing; I am here for is ………………..

You remember I went to Ayush’s place to sleep yesterday. he told me that after Navratri and dance; garba, everyone was asking if there is something between me and Palakh. Palakh is the girl that I was afraid to talk to. But she is super hot. I did not talk to any of her family members until, 26th January. We did a skit in our society and I was the main person of the play. Not only lead role but also managing the skit and also co-writer. To add on I also did all the sound and stuff. So her parents were very proud of us; my parents were very proud of me and this is how we started talking(me and Palakh).

So at Garba night we were talking and people saw us together and they assumed we were in relationship. And you know that gossips spread like wild-fire. So I believe the entire building assumes that me and Palakh are together, and believe me we are not.

Because I saw this girl I don’t know. I saw her many time till now and every time I see her  I feel I should be with her. I don’t know her name but she is cute. She stays in the same building as mine. I never talked to her before, but hopefully we talk soon. I guess she stays in B-Wing. Maybe I will find out her name and talk in future

Good Night Diary.


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