I am BURNT !

1st October, 2017

Dear Diary,

I don’t remember if I told you about my table. I believe I told. DAD and I had fixed a table in my room. Which broke down, screws came out of the wall and the table fell.  Today me and DAD were putting it back. So he told me to drill holes for the screw. I took the drilling machine and tightened drill bit and started to drill. After one or two drills the bit went inside the jaws. So in order to remove it I pulled it out. Because I drilled two holes the drill bit was hot and I got serious burns on my finger. But then I drilled holes and the table was fixed soon.

Not much to be afraid about the burns coz its just slight pain. After that I played minecraft and also studies very little. Now I am going to Ayush’s place to sleep. His Mom is out of town and he is afraid to sleep alone. So I am going to sleep there.

Good Night Diary.


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