Navratri GIFT; I cried :(

29th September, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I went to class at 11:30 am and saw Semester timetable. Semester is from 4th October. I came home showed it to MOM. She started panicking. Started asking me about my portion and I could knew ho much I am lacking behind in terms of portion. I have all the chapters in the world to do in 4 days. But thankfully my MOM is there to support me. I can not do it without her.

Also today is Navratri. I was excited to go and dance, but these exam timetable came in between and my plan was all trembled. MOM said do not go to play coz my portion was remaining. I could not think of missing it. But even I understood that it is high time and I should start studying seriously. I decided not to go and study Physics and today I studied fully and I know the chapter. I am happy but also sad of the pending portion.

The situation is so tight that I watched GOT episode only half way and left it. I might watch it tomorrow or after exams someday. Please help me. Lots of stuff to do and No time. Even I stopped playing minecraft. Did not YouTube videos. Did not masturbate. Can not sleep early. Can not wake late. So much sacrifice. I was afraid that if MOM would allow me to use laptop coz I had to write the Diary. But she doesn’t know that I am writing it now. Hopefully I can complete it.

Good Night Diary.


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