I should probably STOP it!?

26th September, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today is my DAD’s Birthday, but he is not in Mumbai. He is in Chennai. So in the morning we did a video chat to wish him happy birthday. But the audio was not proper. So MOM called him via the landline and was doing a video chat on her mobile. So DAD was seen in the mobile and heard from landline, even from mobile but after a delay of about 5-6 sec. So it sounded like echo.

After that I went to college. Practical was suppose to happen of Mechanical, but due to some electric fault the machines were triping. So Lathe Machine was close down and we had to do boring practical of filing mild steel work-piece to given dimension.

After all the practicals and lectures I came home;had lunch and sat down to play minecraft. You know the drill. It has been my schedule from last three days. Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft,…………. and if you think I typed minecraft 3 times coz it corresponds to 3 days; Thats not true. It was unintentional.

At the dinner table MOM was giving firing to Tanvi. She was so angry on her and I think its because of me. This is how. MOM was checking Tanvi’s book when she called us for dinner. But then I went to masturbate. So she kept on checking book. She found out that Tanvi did not write anything in her book. So she got angry. So if I would have not gone in the toilet then she might not check the book and would not get angry and Tanvi would not get firing. So I think its my fault. But it doesn’t bother me that much coz I have other issues, BIGGER issues to manage.

Good Night Diary.


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