Rain; making us WET !!

19th September, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a rainy day, and not just any rainy day but seriously rainy day. So serious that rains did not stop pouring from the last 6 hours. The forecast have predicted rainfall for next two days. I don’t think Mumbai will survive after this wet attack.

Tomorrow is college picnic to Imagica. A theme park where they take us every year. Last Year I went there so this Year I am not going. If this rain does not stop till tomorrow Imagica will be total flop.

The whole day I played Minecraft. I explored some maps and intended to find a woodland mansion. But I did not get one. Maybe they are rare. Also I made a seed and flowers farm in Minecraft. only problem is it requires a lot of bone meal.

In the morning, Lecture was at 7:30 and we three went early. Nobody came and we thought that lecture would be cancelled. But Ma’am decided to take the lecture. So Ma’am and us three only; in the lecture. We were just four so we sat in a different room, other than which was allotted to us. Therefore other students came who had lecture there. So we needed to go to our own allotted class. After going to the class we saw people waiting for the lecture. We thought only three are there for the lecture but then the numbers increased.

That is it for today. Yesterday after writing the Diary I saw the movie ‘Dave made a Maze‘. Good movie and also innovative ideas. Hope to see 1st episode of GOT 3rd season tonight.

Good Night Diary.



I published my page and reedited this just to change the Title. Not the whole theme but just spelling and punctuation. Now its the fourth time that I am editing it after publishing it just to write this last sentence.


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