8th September, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a very bad day. Total tiring and full of stress. Today we got punished by ACm sir. He called us three in front. We sat on the first bench. None of us knew to solve but when we went ahead we understood the lecture. So it was Bad but Important. Bad coz we were in front of sir and important coz we needed to learn.

At home I had to sit and complete E.V.S journal. I was tired but had to do. So it was bad but Important. Bad coz my hands were paining like hell. I am also downloading a movie ‘The Layover‘. Also worked on my fake Instagram id. I made a fake id to chat with Danish; pretending to be a girl. So today I got followers and likes. So he would think its real account.

Sohum is going to NASA trip (hopefully). My E.V.S Journal is complete. I got followers. I am downloading a movie and I did not do Maths today according to the Agreement. What else could a better day have?

Good Night Diary.


After Dinner when I was gonna write my diary, I could not open opera browser. I usually upload from there.  So today I have to upload the page from Chrome.


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