USA Trip 2018 is WICKED!!!

3rd September, 2017

 Dear Diary,

Today was The Best Day of my life. Today I finally got my KSC certificate. I played Minecraft. I watched a movie. I saw GOT; and much more…….

We had to collect the certificates so I had to go at 11:00 am and hence I missed the Rao’s exam. Then the sir were giving presentation on this years NASA trip and it is wicked. The are going to West coast and then to East coast. Going to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. Even NASA. So its the best trip, better than ours. After the presentation we were given our certificates(finally). Principal ma’am said that I will be given ‘Letter of Appreciation’ on the Annual day coz I saved a boy from drowning in USA (Orlando).

Thats that, Later I got home; saw ‘Despicable me 3‘ and also GOT another episode. Now after dinner I played little minecraft and made different contraptions. Was experimenting with observer block.

So much excited for #Annual Day.

Good Night Diary.


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