August… I think it was BAD/GOOD THING.

31st August, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today; the last day of August was as special as it should be. Today I decided to complete my E.V.S Journal but did not coz I was playing minecraft.

In the evening I saw GOT two episodes. The Dragons are missing. And Daenerys is finding them. Later I went to my grand parents to fix minor issues in their phones caused due to  change in sim card. They converted their sim from Vasai to Mumbai.

Now I will sleep as I feel nothing to do. Tomorrow I have class from 11:30 am till 5:00 pm. Sohum is not coming and I forgot why. Also in minecraft I made the ‘block swapper’. GOT seasons are getting more and more interesting (touch wood).

I think thats it. And… I will try to start next month with a positive approach and complete my Journals first instead of wasting time.

OH!! The most Important thing. I got free instagram followers and likes. There is this app on store which is called ‘Famedgram‘. It gives you free likes and followers.

Good Night Diary.


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