13th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

             Today was Holi (INDIAN FESTIVAL). Festival of colors. Today I had great fun coz I played holi wit h all my friends. Including Gauri. You don’t know Gauri; right?    She is my ex-crush. I used to like her, a lot. I mean a lot. So much that I even thought of our kids names. And this was my biggest secret. I love her but nobody knows it. I show that I have ended liking her; but the truth is I still like her.

I don’t know my own feelings. Now I’m trying to avoid her and concentrate on other things but whenever we meet I just think about her .I feel that she is just perfect for me. I even proposed her but she rejected me. She left me but I can’t leave her. I don’t know what to do. I know we cannot be together coz she does not want this. So I might have to find someone else. I think that GOD has someone more special for me. But she was and is the BEST. 


Good Night Diary.


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