Fun Games in CLASSROOM!!

10th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

              I am totally tired today, really. And so I will only tell you the fun part coz rest is same usual stuff which I do everyday.

 But the thing that I don’t do everyday is play game in ongoing class. Yes our maths sir agreed to play a game in the last 1/2 hour of the lecture. Ans as he promised he did-

  1. First game was guessing the movie. But this time it was with a twist. The guys who has specs has to remove their specs and guess the movie while the guys that don’t has specs has to wear specs and act it out. Its funny coz neither of the two could see to play. And the whole classroom  was a laughing spot.
  2. Second there was very little time left so sir divided the class randomly into two teams. And the game was  ‘team with the most coins win’. Simple but fun. All the mess and shouting and competition and everything was just awesome. (And we won by the way)

So this was it then I came home and my regular routine started first lunch, then study, then movie, then again study, then dinner and sleep.


Good Night Diary


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