Sohum’s heart breaking LOVE STORY =)

9th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                       Today again Sohum tried to mess around with me. Doing something in my book and not letting me write. So I wrote Jhanvi ‘s name like ‘JV’ (for her initials) in his book. Even I Blackmailed him that I would tell the whole class about her and your relationship.

By the way; it is a very complicated love story. It started as a friendship. Then in 10th grade she told Sohum that she had feelings for him; and that to just before the final exams. So entire exams he could not forget thinking about her. After the exams they went on a date together and Sohum had a bill of Rs 600/- on his first date. On the date they both did nothing but Sohum knew that she was into him. And then they frequently met.

And after that I used to chat with her and tell her how does Sohum feel and chatted with Sohum to tell him how she feels. Even when they had a fight I was the one who resolved it and got the to friendship again.

 Someday, suddenly she started saying that she is confused and does not want a relationship now. Out of nowhere she had a thought that she should be single and wants time, and broke up. Sohum was in pain. He could not help himself overcome it .

Then after going to college she started to avoid him, once a boyfriend was now a stranger. Sohum is angry now coz she is now with a guy in her college. Angry coz she was confused to be in relationship but it is fine with the other college guy. Sohum thinks that she used him and was not interested in him, cheated with him, and She does not want him at all. I tried my best to ask her what is the matter between her and Sohum and she says, “Its all over.” Like how can it be all over suddenly.

 Now Sohum is so much in pain that he even blocked Jhanvi’s number and does not meet her. I think he is doing wrong. You should maintain friendship but I can’t help it. That’s his point if view. Anyways I think Jhanvi is into maintaining friendship but Sohum is only ignoring her.

I don’t blame either of them; I blame the bad time that they were going through.

Good Night Diary


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