Sohum’s Behavior Improvement – Level 1 complete –

8th March, 2017


Today I had a fight; not actually made him understand his mistake. What happened was, I was writing my notes and his hand hit my pen by-mistake and my pen slipped and a line came on my book. Till that it was fine, but then after that forget about saying sorry, he hit my pen again this time on purpose. So I got angry coz of this act. Sometimes I get really mad at him because he does such stuffs. I stabbed him with my pen, I couldn’t control my anger.

I was sorry for that deed. After that he understood not to mess around with me. But that was only for a short time. I think I will have to explain him some more times.

Leave it. That’s past. After that I did matrices again and almost finished with half of the chapter. Then I saw the movie ‘Hangover I‘. Pretty fun movie to be honest. I had fun watching it.

Also I forgot to mention that; in class Sohum invited me for swimming at his place and I refused. So he became mad at me and started saying that ‘You have time for all the movies and all but not for us’ and bullshit like that…….. And also my friend cursed me. I feel ashamed to call him my best friend. I feel if he does this for too long we could be ‘just friends’ or just ‘good strangers’.

Good Night Diary.


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