7th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                    What can I do about Sohum? Today he had a fight with me and Danish on a very small topic. He asked,” Do you know……?” I interrupted and said ‘no’. So he did not say anything after that. I guess the mistake was mine but I was wishing he did not talk forever. He is very annoying. Gets into my nerves. Always disturbed, do not study, does not pay attention in class nor let others give attention. When he was attending the marriage and only me and Danish was there in class; we actually studied and understood everything. Even professors said we were doing good. All the fault is in Sohum; I feel.

 Besides, during the lectures he pokes others(especially me) with pen, draws on my hand, throws paper-balls sometimes. He also annoys the girls in our class. Girls always scolds him, they tell him to keep quite. But still he does not listen and talks more. He also back-answers professors and insults them at their back. Many-a-times I corrected him, told him not to do it, not to give bad words but he does not listen and continues it.

I don’t know if he could ever respect anyone?  I was a good, studious boy, but after meeting Sohum I was distracted and deviated from studied. All coz of Sohum. Today during the fight he did not utter a word. I felt relieved but then he started talking again and disturbed my concentration. Also there is nothing important than lecture that he talks. He talks all rubbish. Coz of him even I started dis-respecting others, but now I control myself,try not to dis-respect others. Care about others. Respect their feelings and age or gender.

So I am trying to basically move apart from Sohum. If Sohum is reading it,”Look it is for your better that you improve on your attitude. I can’t say it on your face coz I respect you and don’t know how will you react. I don’t know how much will it affect our friendship but this change is important; and I will try to improve you”

Good Night Diary.


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