Wasted my day on A STUPID GAME!!

A 6th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                 Sorry for not writing yesterday. Besides there was nothing important to say.

 Today at college there was physics boards lecture and after that Sohum and Danish went to take their check of money which they paid for ‘Hyderabad Trip’ organised by college, but they later cancelled it. So today they were returning the checks of students.

Then they both came to my place after lunch for registration of class test (RAO IIT TEST). None of them have scanner at their home, so they came to scan photo and upload to the registration form. They registered and then me and Danish went to gym. (After a long time; LOL).     They said gym is gonna shift in the white bungalow opposite my apartment. Let’s see.

 Danish and I did upper-body ( which we do most of the time). Then I came home and I did not take a bath after my gym. I was tired. I wasted my rest of the day playing ‘Angry Birds‘. Also did little maths (Matrices).

Now I had dinner and mean-while I downloaded ‘Hangover I‘ and ‘Hangover II‘. Maybe tomorrow I will watch one of them and another later. I guess I will now keep playing ‘Angry Birds‘ or do maths; not decided.

Good Night Diary.

I was done writing my diary, was about to publish it; but mom came. So I closed my diary and started doing my homework. I completely forget about today’s diary until now. I was going to conclude the day, waiting for my movie to get downloaded. It’s done 90% and them I remembered about this page. You can also say that ‘Hangover II’ saved me from forgetting to completing my diary.


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