4th March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                 Today I had class (doubt lec) at 10 am but I did not go. After some time, an sms came which read ‘Lecture is cancelled’. I was happy coz if you bunk your class; an absent sms is sent to your parents.

For lunch we went to ‘Link View restaurant’ an ate ‘Emerald chicken lollipop’. Very good. Then me and my dad did Maths. Did matrices of 11th std. Meanwhile mom was grinding something in the food processor. and suddenly the key of processor broke. So I had to go down to the shop to buy the key. I bought it but then it broke too. Later we found that it was the locks problem. Locking mechanism was broken. So once it got stuck and took my father half hour to take it out. We all sat in a circle around the processor to help dad take it out. Then we had dinner finally at 10 pm.

Well today dad is at home so I am afraid to write my diary. He could show up in my room anytime and could my secrets. Also once he came in my room to search for the keyboard. He almost saw me doing something on my PC, but I closed the window. I could barely save my work.

Also coz of my father I could do maths; he taught me. But coz of him I could not see the entire movie. I had to see only half. I will tell the movie name only when I am done seeing it completely.

Good Night Diary.


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