Sohum’s Bro’s Wedding, LOL.

3rd March, 2017

(I was gonna write February)

Dear Diary,

                     I will first tell you story that Sohum told us about his brother’s wedding. “Before the wedding there was this cocktail party, where everyone gathered. There were chicks and drinks and DJ. Sohum’s relatives were forcing him to drink something. But this 16 year boy refused to drink. After his dad insisted him to drink with him. They both had a shot of tequila together. The fun did not end there.

At the marriage there is a tradition that the brides’ relatives have to hide to bridegroom’s shoes that he will be wearing at the reception. And Sohum’s responsibility was to safeguard the shoes from the opposite team and to not let them take it. If the shoes are hidden the brides’ relatives ask for money and the husband has to give the money in order to get his shoes back.

So Sohum was carrying this bag of shoes and its box around. After sometime he thought of an idea that ‘Why not hide it somewhere?’ So he hid it in his car (father’s car obviously). And was roaming around with an empty box of shoes; only to mislead other team. Smart move. The driver of the car was told not to let anyone open the car. But this man brought the shoes along with other marriage stuff kept in the car. Luckily Sohum’s team member saw the shoes and hid it under the stage.

Meanwhile Sohum kept the empty box of shoes behind the stage in front of the opposite team, so they go and find nothing, heheheheheh. As expected the opposite team went there and found nothing. Luckily they did not search under the stage. In a couple of minutes the bridegroom went to change and came out with his shoes on. So finally the boys WIN and they did not have to give any money to the brides’ side. COOL!!”

Well, after that I came home finished my all 9 parts of american pie. Feeling little sad after the last part, don’t know why. Maybe coz they meet after a long time and I was thinking; how my reunion party would be?

Anyways now I will first learn how to dance in a DJ or CLUB. Coz I don’t know how to.

Good Night Diary.


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