Piano, Movie; A PERFECT DAY!!

2nd March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                Today as I told Sohum did not attend the classes. He had to go for his brother’s wedding. Coz Sohum was not there we could study. I’m not telling that if Sohum is around we couldn’t study. We could, but today we concentrated more. That’s it.

Then I came home and had lunch. In that it was time for mom’s meditation classes. So she went for that and I sat down to finish the series of American Pie. But my bad, the movie was in ‘Hindi’ so I had to re-download it in ‘English’ and during that time I saw ‘Lucy’. Good movie.

Then I was getting bored so I was just searching some good stuff on YouTube and I felt like playing some music, so I brought the Piano from my sister’s room and started playing. But  I was not remembering any song. So I downloaded a music sheet of ‘Fur Elise’ and learnt most of it. Its fun.

Now I will have dinner. Then I have to complete my drawing sheets. I have 2 sheets but I might only compete 1 and one tomorrow. So I need to hurry up. Bye.

Good Night Diary.