I Educated myself about the ‘TONGUE TORNADO!!’

1st March, 2017

Dear Diary,

                 Happy New Month. Today, Sohum had not came to the college. So it was only me and Danish. He told me about a movie; actually nice movie [Lucy]. We saw its trailer in the class itself :).

Then I came home and had lunch. I finally completed that Mathematics chapter which I started about a month ago [std 12, chap 1]. When my mom went for meditation classes as everyday; I saw another movie. This time I saw ‘American Pie 8‘. Maybe tomorrow I will finish of with the 9th parts. Entire series will be done. Also then I have to see Lucy.

After watching the movie yesterday and today; I felt like I knew very little about how to pleasure a women. So I went on the web (http://www.sexinfo101.com/) and got as much info about women and her temptations. Now I know it all but I never did it practically. And wish to do it. test out my skills. Especially the ‘The Tongue Tornado‘. Then I read about the clitoris and G-spot. So basically I know a women theoretically; not practically.

Then I downloaded Lucy movie. Tomorrow I will show it to Danish in class. I got all the movies I have including ‘Lucy’ in my mobile. I purchased a new 64 GB micro SD-card for that. Now I got a whole lot of memory for more movies, LOL. There is only one problem, If anyone get his hands on my phone, I am screwed man.

Anyways even tomorrow,Sohum is not gonna attend college as his brother’s wedding is tomorrow. Tomorrow’s schedule is from morning 9:30 to 2:30 pm. So I need not have to sleep that early as always. So I might get some more knowledge; if you know what I mean.

Good Night Diary.


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