Today was a NORMAL DAY :-) {Part II}

28th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

                 You won’t believe how early I got up to go to classes? I got up at 6 am. 1 hour prior to regular time. But that’s okay coz tomorrow class is at 9 am so I will get up late. Almost at 7:30 or 8 in the morning.

Today was lecture of RVm sir (Moto G4 sir). And he teaches very good. We studied sincerely today and I solved some problems myself  🙂 .

Then I came home early as there was only one lecture. After that I did a little Maths. Then my mom went for meditation and during that period I say ‘AMERICAN PIE VII‘. It was great. And funny. And etc.

Then mom came home in an hour. Again I sat down to study. In no time I felt bored and I started doing my H.W. Then did some time-pass on YouTube.

Now I changed my yesterday’s diary page picture. And I read it. I am so unhappy and I feel an Idiot when i read it. It was complete nonsense.(

Anyways, now after writing today’s page I will go to sleep. It’s already 12:00 pm.

Good Night Diary.


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