Me and my friends want to do a PLANCHATTE

26th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

                  Today is Sunday and even today we had class  😦 . It was good and we enjoyed a lot.  Now it almost 11 and I have to wrap up real quick so I might write today’s page in short.

The main thing happened today; on which I wasted my entire day was PLANCHATTE. It was like; I don’t remember how it started but somehow this topic spirits and ghosts came and we decided to do it.

So in break we searched how to do it and frankly speaking, I was the one who was the most scared. But I did not show it. I got information about it; how it is done and what all you need, etc. Tomorrow in class I will tell them the method of planchette.

Now its a new record as I wrote my entire page without much interruption. So I wrote my page in one go. But one flaw; my grand father sprayed HIT (sprayed to kill mosquitoes) in the entire room. So I am feeling giddy.

Anyways now I am still left with packing my bag. And even today I did not go to the gym. SAD. But the good part is I got another 2 likes for my page. YAHOO!!

Good Night Diary. And I will tell you when I do planchette or call spirit. And I know my experience will be worth sharing.

Good Night 🙂

Well I was about done with my work and was gonna publish my diary when my laptop crashed and it restarted. I don’t know why this happened. Thank GOD all my data is saved even this page of diary. Maybe its because I was adding tags and I mentioned ghost and spirits, etc that’s why. Anyways…………

Good Night.     ( Its my third Good Night today; today is EPIC )


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