My first Like !! :) “YAY”

25th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

             Today was one of the best days in my life. I was very excited from breakfast to dinner now.

 Today we had only chemistry practicals but due to 12th boards exams Ketan sir took us for mechanical practical also. It was super exciting coz we are waiting for weeks and weeks for this practical. It is just super exciting to go to mechanical lab with all those machines around and you get to use all the tools. so its fun. But then came the chemistry practical which everybody hates. No; not the practical but the teacher that takes the practical. She is so rude and wants everything perfect; no mistakes. Everybody is just so fed up with her attitude.

Anyways I came home and had lunch late (coz we came late from our practicals). And then I was tired of my mechanical practical so I decided not to go to gym today. So I sat to think what to do and within that my sister came to show me a movie which I moved in her tablet. So we sat down to see that movie and coz of this my dad scolded me. he said ,” Why aren’t you studying and you don’t go to gym and all…….blah, blah……..” and then I sat down to study i.e. to do my home work.

Then I thought why don’t I write my today’s diary, when I say my first like on yesterday’s page of the diary. Well I was happy to see it. Thank you very much Wilkey Workout for liking (by the way you should not read someone’s PERSONAL DIARY;  Just Kidding.

Anyways then I went onto her blog and it was AMAZING. It looked professional and I just can’t reach at that level. ♥And also you are very beautiful ‘Charlotte Wilkey ‘. And diary please don’t tell the above line to anyone.



Today was the longest break in writing my diary. First my mom came in and sat. Then my dad. Then mom called me for dinner. So like about 45 min to 1 hour delay.  :/  

Anyways I forgot everything I was saying so sorry. Now I am gonna sleep and;  once again

Thank You Wilkey Workout.

Good Night Diary


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