Sohum got hurt ‘twice’ in this WEEK!

24th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

                   Today I went to the college at 8 am. Attended both the lecture nicely. But I don’t know what is Sohum’s problem. He cannot stay a day without fighting. Keeps on beating and doing mischief. Even I don’t spare him after that. Today also I stabbed him with my pen. Luckily he did not bleed this time. He was beating my hand and I had a pen in that hand. So, when his hand came near I turned the pen towards him and he got hurt coz of his own force.

Then I came home had lunch and then sat on my lappy as usual. Today also I did not study coz of my H.W. and mechanical drawing.

I bunked gym today and yoga. I know I said I will go to gym every day but today I was feeling very dull. So, missed it.

Also I started my samsung tablet which was ignored over a time. And now it functions good but you can feel that its becoming old. It does not function properly sometimes. Lags a bit. And sometimes even hangs. But can be used for games and stuff.

So thats it for the day. I feel a little bad for Sohum coz of his swollen lips. He has a marriage to attend in 4 days but his swelling won’t subside. SAD  😦

Tomorrow I have college at 10 am so, no need to wake up early. And my Dad is coming at around 12 today i.e. Now.

So, now I am feeling sleepy and I won’t stay awake for my father I guess.

Good Night Diary.


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