Yoga is the talk of the Day :)

23rd February, 2017

Dear Diary,

                    Today was a special day as I am feeling very good, coz I did yoga today and meditated. I am feeling very fresh and energized and different in a good sense from rest of the days.

I got up late in the morning at 9 am. Had heavy breakfast and milk. Went to college at 10 am. Today we learnt isometric projection and sir gave us homework to show next week. But before that we need to show two drawings of isometric projection on Saturday (day after tomorrow).

After returning home I had lunch and then created a new twitter account; followed NASA and others. Then i searched the new planets found by NASA ,4 light years  away (TRAPPIST-1).

Then I went to gym and did cardio. Returned and did yoga. I began with:

Then started to mediated and chant “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” in my mind.

It really helps to freshen up the mind any helps you concentrate on your work. I have decided to do yoga every day after gym to see what improvements I get in my body.


I was in a good mood but my sister doesn’t like me that way. So she decided to disturb me and now I am frustrated.

She sat right behind me while I was writing my diary and couldn’t let me complete. So now I’m writing on my phone. This is my first time that I’ll post my diary from my phone.

So I have to look that after all the yoga and meditation can I control my anger. Coz thats the whole point of yoga and meditation. It helps to channelize your thoughts.



Good night Diary.





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