A fight’s a FIGHT; no matter how small.

22nd February, 2017

Dear Diary,

            Today in college I had a small fight with Sohum and I stabbed him with my pen on his hand. It was not my fault; he started the fight and stabbed me also. I still have the mark on my hand. So i also stabbed but not very hard (it was hard coz one drop of blood came out of his hand). The fight did not last long. Only till the second lecture. Soon we were talking together. Because of this fight I did not even listen to songs on Danish’s watch during the lecture.

Then I came home and changed. Had lunch and watched TV. At 5:30 I went to gym with Danish. Did hardcore abs and little upper-body.

After gym i finally studied with my mom and started my maths of 12th std; 1st chapter which I already started a week ago . Today I completed it. Then in order to do time-pass i said to my mom,” I have H.W.” And then I did time-pass on my lappy (some YouTube stuff).Now I am going to have my dinner; rest of the diary I’ll write after that.

Hi! Welcome back. Did my dinner and also played two matches of cricket (won both of them) on my phone. Now I’m planning of doing some maths or maybe not and then sleeping. Before that I have to pack my bag for tomorrows college. Tomorrow I have college at 10 am. Only MM (mechanical maintenance) lecture.

Good Night Diary.





I completely forgot to tell you my latest bet with GOD / MYSELF. I said that I will go to gym atleast 5 days a week or else cancel my NASA trip. I know I am stupid to bet my NASA trip but I said. Now I can’t help

Good Night once again.


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