My Life was in DANGER :x


20th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

          I was in the greatest danger today you could ever imagine. There happened a series of events that killed me from inside and are still killing me.

One of them and them most imp of them is…………you remember i created a YouTube channel yesterday (Rohan-e-nator). I messaged danish on his video from the same account. I just changed then name of my existing account so he came to know that Rohan-e-nator is actually my account. Luckily he brought that point in class and saw my channel in class. I  gave a link of this diary blog in my video so if he would have read this diary he would all the secrets and all truth and false statements. Then Sohum and Danish both subscribed my channel. They said why didn’t you share your video. And it was not in a state to be shared; one coz of the diary link and another coz of its thumbnail. Thumbnail was a girl showing her cleavage, lying on bed.

 The whole day i was praying that they don’t see my entire video. And I also promised; or actually I agreed with GOD that today if i don’t masturbate he won’t show this diary link to them. Can you believe I sacrificed my masturbation for keeping my secrets. GOD SAVE ME.

Whole 6 hours of lecture I was distracting them from the topic. I would say something else when they started YouTube talks. Then I decided of deleting the video in rickshaw but my internet was not working. So I had to come home switch on my laptop and internet; sign in and then delete the video. On top of that my granny and grandpa were looking in my lappy and asking me why did I switched on my lappy after coming from my college. And I had no answer. As soon as they slept I deleted my video and went for lunch.

After lunch at 5 I had an urge to masturbate but due to the promise I could not. I don’t exactly believe in GOD but whenever i sacrifice something in return of something i get it. So i could not take a chance. So, I haven’t masturbated since morning. Now I am thinking of staying awake till 12 am and then masturbating. Because at 12 am it will be Tuesday. But I am feeling sleepy, hmm I am not sure i would do it or no.

Even today i could not write my diary in a single go. My mom disturbed me and sent me down to buy idli batter for tomorrow, and then we had dinner so i had to write today’s diary in parts like other days.

That’s it for today. Now I think i might quit my channel and i hope Sohum and Danish would not know about this diary. And if they are reading this I’m SORRY!! This is all fake, LOL.

Yes…..  I forgot to tell you about my new theory  ‘VIRTUAL THEORY OF LIFE’. It states that, “All the universes are made of single cell; changing positions constantly so fast that we cannot judge the difference.” I haven’t still proven it but I might prove it and make a video on YouTube. Maybe tomorrow I will tell you in detail about this.

Good Night Diary.


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