Finally on YouTube :)

19th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

             Finally I created a channel on YouTube. Now I have my own channel named ‘ Rohan-e-nator’.   Link to my first video

When i went to college I saw that Sohum had trimmed his mustache. and he was funny as hell. Whole day we were teasing him as he was looking very weird. whole 6 hrs.

And by-mistake I took Monday’s timetable today. So i didn’t get the books needed, and Mansur sir takes Rs.10 fine for not bringing text book. But today he did not check anyone’s book so my ten rupees were saved.

Then from the time i returned from college i was preparing for my video. I knew that a video cannot be made in a single day. So i decided to upload videos alternate days.

I an late today to write my diary coz of guest coming and my grand parents behind me. On top of that my Father also came home early so i had to edit in breaks. Even today’s page of diary  also I am writing in breaks.

Another big amount of time went in verifying my YouTube account. This is it for today. I don’t have anything to talk. And i think my grandpa is spying on my diary. I need to keep it safe.

Good Night Diary


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