Grand Parents; What to do?

18th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I was happy as it was holiday in my college. So I got up late and was very relaxed but suddenly; my mom asked me to take my granny to physiotherapist. I was unhappy but took my granny to the Dr. When I reached, I felt very pleasant on seeing old people smile and their joy. From that moment I decided to do something for old people. Like some old age home. But that’s not now. This plan is way ahead in life.

Anyways I came home and then I had dinner. My little sister ‘Veha’ also joined us. At 5 they left and I sat down to study maths. Before that mom broke my pimple on the nose. Now its bleeding. And then my mom scolded me that I’m not studying. So, then I started studying. I am very sad that my mom scolded me; But after all it was my fault.

Now my mom and dad went to see some flats for rent. My grandmom and granddad will be staying nearby as they are becoming old. Both of them are above 70 and both have a considerably bad health.

Grandfather forgets things like people and places and granny just recently had high BP and paralysis like attack. Not exactly paralysis. So, it’s better to bring them close to us. To be more safe.

I was thinking of creating my own YouTube channel about gaming and stuff. So I hope people show support.

Now I will do my H.W, have my dinner and sleep.

Good Night Diary.


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