Sohum got HURT!!!  : o


17th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today Sohum was not feeling good. He had a running nose and headache. He also had fever it seemed. Kinda dull face not involving in the fun; separating himself from the rest.

I think it is coz of the hurt. He was playing with the sharpener. He was sharpening a used pen cap and it hurt him. He got a cut on his finger. Maybe he was dull coz of that as he also fainted when I hit him with my pad. It was just a small cut but he was unconscious. He is really sensitive.

Other interesting happened in my classes was one bail (bull)  sir was teaching us and he was boring all of us. We call him bull coz he actually does not know to teach. He has iPhone 7 but knows nothing about physics. He sees the solutions in the book and solves in the class; bail.                                                                                                      

He said ‘If you are getting late you can go now, anyways I am leaving after 3 sums’. He is such a bail that he takes half hour for a sum. So we three got up in between the lecture and left. Nobody came along with us, only we went outside.

Then in the afternoon, after lunch; I went to pick up Tanvi from her drawing class after a long time. Then went to gym with Danish and did upper body along with abs. Came home, took a bath, had some food and sat down to study but ended up playing ‘sniper fury’ on my phone.

Just now my mom told me that our maid was holding our tortoise under the tap and when nobody was around she kept it open outside his house. Now we are thinking of removing her and changing our maid.

Only thing I remember today was Sohum’s injury. Still laughing at his condition; sorry Sohum. Like, we were stopping him from doing it but then to he did it and got hurt.

That’s it for today. Also remind me to take my green screen back from him.


Good Night Diary.




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