A Normal Day, LOL

 16th February, 2017

Dear Diary

Today was a normal day yet abnormal. My grandmother was in the hospital from last two days and today she came home. Due to high blood pressure she was admitted and also kinda paralyzed on her face. She couldn’t talk or move her face.  L

Let’s begin with my college lectures as my actual day started in college at 8am I guess. Half slept I attended the two lectures and returned home. Before me my grandmother was home. I was super happy seeing her but also sad; looking at her condition. Then I had my lunch and downloaded Minecraft on my granny’s phone without letting her know  :P. Tanvi and me then played multiplayer Minecraft.

At about 5pm guest started coming to visit the patient; my granny. Also, Aniket mama came and I was shocked to see iPhone 7plus as well as 6s with him. Like he is using both of them Lol. I was jealous and wanted to tell this news to my friends but then I thought; why should I because nazar lag jayegi.

Also, I forgot to mention I just now broke the holy thread tied on my hand coz I did not want to wear it. I’m like so tired even to write this diary coz I don’t know, maybe I slept little last night. Ya yesterday night I slept in my parent’s room coz of guests sleeping in my room. And I don’t get good sleep in any other room.

Now as I am writing my diary my mom thinks I am studying. Lol. It’s not like I would never say about this diary to my mom, I will; but not any sooner. Maybe after my death :P.

I could not write this diary all at once coz my granny was sitting behind me. Anyways I had my dinner and I also packed my bag for college tomorrow so now I am gonna sleep. Soooooooooo……….

Good Night Diary.


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