Today was a LYING day !! :(

15th FEBRUARY, 2017

Dear Diary,

                 I am trying very hard to tell the truth, but can’t. Or rather the situations won’t allow me to.

Lets begin from the beginning. This morning I was in an OK mood. Then i went to college and it was also fine there until my friend Sohum asked us ( me and Danish) to join him today at his gym. My mom won’t allow me to go his place because she thinks we do not study and only waste time. Basically she is against wasting time and wants me to study whole day. Soooooo I said to mom, ” That Sohum and Danish are having some trouble in their homework so I am going to his place for helping him out in his studies.”

My mom said OK and i was happy that i could go to his gym but deep inside i was sad. Really sad !!

OK THEN……… I went to his place and went to gym. Did my workout. Then Sohum asked me about my studies today. I was doing some time-pass but said, ” I started studying SHM (simple harmonic motion).”  I don’t know why am i telling these lye. Maybe because of ego. They are studying and I am not so they might think  I am a loser. So to not be made fun about I maybe telling lie. I have no idea why I told Sohum I was studying. It just came outside. I did nothing on purpose.

I know I am doing wrong and I should not do it but i can’t help it. Anyways i will try to control my EGO and tell truth as far as possible. I PROMISE.


Good night Diary. Meet you  tomorrow.



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