Droopy Valentine’s Day.

14th February, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today is the day of couples and not a day of singles like me. It is one of the saddest day’s of the year but today some good things also happened. Like at morning when I woke up my Mom gave me highlighter pens for highlighting important points while studying.

Then i went to college with Sohum and Danish. On my way he told me the love story of his neighbors. he said,”When Ruchi didi was in school; a boy was liking her. He followed her everywhere,stalked her. So to get rid of that boy she asked another boy from her class to pretend to be her boyfriend and the two guys had a fight over who likes her more 🙂 heehehehehe!!

Then Abhi dada came into picture. He was new in school and Ruchi didi fell in love with him. They never talked but she liked him. Then after their 10th they went to different colleges and one day Abhi dada called Ruchi didi and asked her to meet. On the first meet itself he proposed her and she obviously said YES! They went on a date then and while crossing the road Ruchi didi’s mom saw both of them holding hands. She asked Abhi dada about this and so he told her mom that he likes Ruchi didi, and they are happily married now.” YAY!!

Phew; long story. Anyways i went to the college and then the professor asked me my homework which as usual i forgot to do. So i had to leave the class. I did not attend the whole lecture and my mom doesn’t know about it. If she gets to know she won’t spare me. 😦

Then when i got back home i had lunch and went to gym with my gym buddy Danish. You know what; today there were no girls in the gym. SAD 😦   Anyways we enjoyed doing workout today. Tomorrow we are gonna do cardio and abs. (if i go to gym, lol)

So nothing fun happened to me today. I was expecting a proposal from a girl but my bad luck was very good today that I did not get any of them. I think another year i am gonna be happily single  ( i am sad inside 😦  )

I think i may now have dinner and go to bed. So bubye.

Good night diary 🙂

[didi= big sister  ;  dada= big brother (said for showing respect)]


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